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Harvest Time . . . Welcome to the new website!

Posted on April 23, 2017 • Category: Students

Today while I was tidying up my house so that it could be invaded by K.E.Y.S. high-school students who are coming in about an hour for Bible study, the verse that Paul wrote to the church folks in Galatia popped in my mind, “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time, we reap a harvest if we do not give up” (Gal. 6.9).  This time of the year is especially challenging for Mrs. Collin and me.  We are putting the new year in place while finishing the old year, but, we get to see a harvest that few people have the privilege to witness, and every year, that harvest encourages us to move ahead into a new year.  So, welcome to the beginning of the second decade of K.E.Y.S.!

This season at K.E.Y.S. is very much like harvest time on my family’s wheat farm.  All year my dad, my mom, my brother, and the hired hands work like the dickens and wait for July, harvest time.  Month by month they do what’s necessary to help the crop to grow and mature.  Adversity comes—wind, weeds, and no rain, but the work continues.  Eventually, July arrives, and before they know it--- it’s harvest time! The wheat grains do not magically float from the field to the truck to the bin to your breakfast table.  Everyone around works together to complete the task at hand.  Each person at the ranch has a “job” according to his or her talents and abilities.  The process takes dedication, determination, and team work.  The end of the year for K.E.Y.S. also takes dedication, determination, and team work between all of you, the K.E.Y.S. staff, and the students.   

For Mrs. Collin and me, the harvest is seeing students who have grown in confidence and in their faith.  We see students who have learned to love a certain subject, or others who have overcome life’s struggles.  As we finish one academic year and begin another one for the 11th time, we are thankful for the people who have partnered with us in this labor of doing good:  all of you!  Look around at the harvest you are producing.  The time, energy, and effort that you pour into your children are worth it.  Like Paul, I’d like to encourage you to “not become weary in doing good.”  Oh hey, the kids are walking in . . .  one more proof that the harvest is worth it.


Mrs. Lacy